We now have a Twitter & and Discord...and an actual NAME

Hi all! 

The incredible feedback has been most wonderful for us. As such we decided (due to feedback and general necessity) to create both a Discord and Twitter so people can follow along with the progress we make.
Twitter will more than likely just be for spreading the word of the game, small updates and our Devlogs.
Discord will probably be more for just chatting with anyone that wants to hear what's new with the project and other nonsense.

Regardless of if you do or don't want to follow along, wait until full release, or ignore entirely, we're thankful for giving the demo a shot. The really positive reaction has led to us taking what comes next more serious than we really expected to. As such we now have an actual name that most likely wont get us sued or anything.

We are, as such, PROJECKT SKELETON.

- keV

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