Devlog 15/11


It's time for another log about whatever we were working on. As always, we're only showing what we feel won't ruin the experience of the full game, so here's a look at what we can show you.

- Controller support : Now fully implemented (using Unity's new input system).

- New "areas" : More new areas have been added both in and out of the store. The Kitchen and Bathroom have been added to The Month and work continues on adding more spooky dimensions.

- Zoom function : Players can now enhance the camera and get a nice zoom in on whatever they're looking at.

- More enemies : Another new enemy type has been added.

- Steel chairs : Steel chairs have been added for no reason whatsoever

- More audio : New sounds have been added to fully immerse the player in this heck of an Earth

Thank you all for the continued support! We also noticed a big spike in downloads for Halloween, so huge thanks to everyone that played and continues to support us. A lot of this past month has been spent with planning stuff out for the near future (and getting closer to having a Steam page). As always we'll be hard at work to bring you more.

- keV

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