Devlog 16/2 [New DEMO Announcement]


It's been some time since our last update and we have some things to share! 


We've been pretty quiet since our last dev log a few months ago and we have a special announcement to make.
We will be having a NEW demo called DEMO V2

This demo will be, for the time being, exclusive to members of our discord and is essentially an extended, revamped and much better version of the original demo featuring :
- New areas
- More things to do
- New things to discover
- Save & Load
- Controller Support
- New story
- A buncha other stuff that's more on the subtle side

This will be the equivalent of an ALPHA test of the final game and we'll be looking for as much feedback, bug reports and whatever else as possible. We will also have a SURVEY for people that played the new demo. This survey asks what you thought of the original demo, the new demo and what you expect for the final game. When the heck is it playable you ask?

February 20th

As always thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you check out the new, extended & revamped demo!

- keV

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