Devlog 4/10

Hello again!

As usual we've been hard at work doing everything we can to make this game something strange and special. The vast majority of the planning is done and we're focusing on just sheer content production currently. As usual we want to show you a little bit of the stuff we have ready to show. While we have plenty we can show, we're being very selective so that we won't spoil any of the crazy stuff.

- Controller support : Players will be able to play the game with either keyboard & mouse or controller. Along with the addition of controller support, the whole input system has been revamped so things work smoother.

- New "areas" : New areas or dimensions have been produced, some we will be keeping quiet about but others we're happy to showcase.

- Death animations & endings : Cinematic camera's and animations have been implemented to make death feel that bit more interesting than just a cut to black. On top of that, the game will have unique endings based on who or what exactly killed you.

- Multi-language support : Support allowing for translations to the in game subtitles has been implemented. While we can't exactly comment on if or when other languages will be available, the foundations have been set.

- Store Layout and items additions : Small changes to the layout of the store have been implemented. The obvious one being the customer support area, which now sports a cigarette stand and VHS shelves.

As always a big thanks to everyone for playing the demo and sharing your experiences either through word of mouth or even making videos on it. We'll be back with more soon enough!

- keV

And happy October!

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